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Social Event

Venue: Dinner and Show at the U Pavouka Medieval Tavern

Saturday, 22nd of April, 19:00 – 23:00

In order to provide you with a full Czech experience, the Social Event will take place at the U Pavouka Medieval Tavern, a unique restaurant where you will be able to enjoy a special show taking you back hundreds of years. Its friendly and pleasant staff will take care of ensuring everything is perfect and ready to receive their guests.

Unlike the restaurants you are probably used to, you won’t find any 21st century gadgets or décor in the Tavern, since the environment conveys a purely middle-age, candlelit scene. The building provides a cozy atmosphere that invites you straight in, being decorated with large wooden tables, torches, iron chandeliers, spider webs, ancient utensils, wine barrels, ropes and more within the rustic stone walls.

As for the show, it will consist of a 2.5h performance involving belly dancing, sword fighting, a live historical concert with real medieval instruments, and a fire show, so not only will you find yourself surrounded by a completely medieval interior but you will be a part of this fantasy and lose track of the present. You will also find pirates, jugglers, tarot-reading fortunetellers and snake charmers, all of whom are ready to enchant and entertain you.

These performers will accompany you throughout the night with music and dancing, making sure you are having the best time. Snakes and other animals also welcome you to the tavern, and you might be able to touch or even hold them! Let the warm atmosphere and energy take over, sit back and enjoy this time travelling experience during our journey to one of the most beautiful cities in the world.