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About the Region

Angers is located 300 Km southwest of Paris. It is the capital of of the historic province of Anjou and the department of Maine-et-Loire in the Pays de la Loire region, most commonly known as the Loire Valley (in French "Val de Loire") which has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site due to its beautiful landscape and impressive number of historical villages and buildings (over 300 castles and palaces). Angers has a population of approximately 160,000 inhabitants and is considered the third largest city in western France and the 16th most populated in the country.

Angers is considered one of the most beautiful cities in France with old streets, magnificent monuments, several museums, a strong gastronomic tradition, lovely gardens and parks.

Among its many notable structures is the 12th Century Cathedral of Saint Maurice and also the magnificent early 13th Century Castle of Angers (in French "Château D'Angers"). This castle is one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in France and is  home to a tapestry museum which includes the famous Apocalypse tapestry series, illustrating the historical, social and political context of France at the time of the Hundred Years War. This is the largest medieval tapestry ensemble in the world and is based on the visions of St. John in the final text of the New Testament.

The castle, as well as the city's oldest streets and buildings and the Angers Cathedral, is located on a promontory where the urban architectural typology dates back from the 13th Century.

Today, Angers is a also major center for innovation and advanced technology in western France. The city is home to several universities, research institutes and innovative companies. It is a very important business and fair center.

Finally, the city has many parks and gardens including "Terra Botanica", which is considered Europe's first interactive educational park dedicated to plants and trees. Further attractions include a nautical center, a recreational park and several walking and cycle routes.

The contrast between the modern and medieval makes Angers a special place, full of contradictions and charm.

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